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McLean Systems Integration is an IT engineering and management consulting firm providing services to government and commercial clients.

MSI staff has extensive expertise in two areas, Implementation Services, and Business Analysis bundled with Business Consulting. 

- Technical expertise in cloud environments; DoD / Intelligence community implementations; and design of business intelligence tools; and extraction, integration, and engineering data from multiple sources. 

- Specialized insights services; independent decision support; technology research and selection analysis; and writing and managing government contract proposals for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. 

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MSI specializes in building custom foundations and methodologies for system modernization and validation

The integration of new applications or platforms with legacy systems, aka system modernization, is a complex matter. In addition to the technical, system component aspects of such projects, there are equally important ‘business’ elements which are the actual drivers behind the needed changes. These two ‘sides’ of the equation have to be kept in alignment, so that they work effectively toward the same goal[s].
Such complexity dictates the use of a framework, method, or system, just to manage it all. There are a number of resources designed to assist enterprise stakeholders in such modernization efforts. Enterprise architecture frameworks [EAFs], also referred to as EA methods, reference models, etc., are the tools of choice. By some accounts there are over 50 EAFs. Amongst the assortment of tools labeled as “frameworks,” many are actually modeling languages, IT services standards, governance and project management tools, requirements management tools, decision rationale systems, dev tools, or what have you.
Each EAF has its particular strengths and weaknesses, as all are different in some way, with one exception. The one thing that all EAFs have in common is that none provide full coverage of support over the whole process of modernization. The most popular EAFs are also ‘predefined,’ meaning they have to be adapted or customized to meet the specific needs of an enterprise or system.
Some EAFs are freely accessible, others are proprietary to commercial vendors. Commercial EA Solutions have broader applicability. In addition to EA modeling and transformation support, some of these tools can also be used for decision support, information architecture and knowledge management, innovation management, or asset management.
For many organizations, or large projects, a single EAF will not suffice. The good news is that almost all of these methodologies complement some other support product, and in so doing, result in a more complete resource set for the whole gamut of aspects related to construction and implementation of a modernization milestone. For many organizations, the best choice is a combination of multiple support products, blended together in a way that works well with each organization’s particular constraints.
MSI specializes in building custom foundations and methodologies for system modernization and validation that work best for the specific needs and political realities of each enterprise. Leveraging broad understanding of all of the available methodologies and tools, MSI integrates the appropriate parts into a fabric which addresses an organization’s specific areas of concern.

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