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We strive to support our customers with the highest levels of integrity and competence. Founded in 2019, our incredible team of engineers, programmers, designers and marketing experts work tirelessly to make McLean Systems Integration the best in the industry.

We are dedicated to providing world class research, analysis, and systems solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our primary goal is to be a technology and decision support resource that our customers can depend on. Get in touch to learn more.

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Our Team

Who We Are

Gary Mazzaferro

Principal Systems Engineer, Cloud / System Architect

Recently Mr. Mazzaferro led the AWS architecture solution for Mission/Life Critical, Federated Object Management (FOM) bringing the prototype to production under Windows 2008, ported code to utilize Apache Web Server, ported Windows code to RHEL7.4, developed and integrated code supporting PKI and NCAAS, ported the database to from SQL server to MySQL and PostgreSQL, and lead the design FOM in C2S environment utilizing AWS Services including VPCs, EC2, PKI enabled ELB, S3, CloudWatch, and Auto Scaling. Mr. Mazzaferro routinely created application and security HPC architectures, workflow designs, software design materials, APIs, code deliveries, code Security Scan using HP Fortify, documentation and software packages (Docker, RHEL RPMs, MSI, and PKGs) related to FOM program. Mr Mazzaferro routinely performed technology roadmap analysis of Open Source Software for alignment JDISS mission goals.

Mr. Mazzaferro led the JDISS cloud migration effort with successful deployment of the FOM OPINTEL application to the Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) IC-ITE enabled HPC cloud. FOM 2.0 achieved a Certification to Field from DIA October 2017 and provides a valuable input into the PACOM Common Operational Picture (COP) and Common Intelligence Picture (CIP). He also led the migration of FOM written in Php to Python operating in AWS/Lambda. Additionally, Mr. Mazzaferro developed the APIs for a Cross-Domain, Multi-Tenant, HPC cloud based Powerpoint Slide generation service for DI2E.  

Russell Reinsch

Principal Analyst

Recently Mr. Reinsch led the National Institute for Standards in Technology’s Big Data Working Group Standards Roadmap subgroup, analyzing user requirements, integration challenges, and emerging technologies in the enterprise decision software, business intelligence, data science, distributed computing, information retrieval, graph technologies, and network analysis domains.

For organizations looking into digital transformation, Mr. Reinsch provides system modernization support in the form of use case abstractions, reference architectures, process trace diagrams, descriptive mapping matrices, event scenarios, information flow reports, technical white papers, and information memoranda. 

For organizations looking to choose the right tech solutions for their needs, Mr. Reinsch provides product assessments and guidance on selection of appropriate tools. 

Organizations seeking external analytics services and support can take advantage of MSI's unique techniques and assets that provide independent perspectives and insight into product positioning and differentiation. 

Brooke Kane

Strategic Communications Consultant

Ms. Kane is an accomplished communications professional with extensive experience in defining and developing multi-tactic, multi-phased in-reach and outreach campaigns and related materials. She has comprehensive expertise in all facets of communications, editing, project management, change management, industry research, and industry engagement acquired through 20+ years of successful communications management in healthcare and professional services environments. Ms. Kane's skillset includes:

  • Creating and implementing communications strategy, plans, campaigns, and programs;

  • Generating positioning, messaging, and communication tools that act as the basis for communication outreach efforts;

  • Developing and management of relevant and timely content (such as e-mail campaigns, newsletters, landing pages, blogs, webcasts, webinars, speaking scripts, etc.);

  • Creating, production, and editing content communication materials including brochures, proposals, annual reports, newsletters, case studies, and white papers;

  • Definition and execution of thought leadership and public relations campaigns and programs (website, press information kits, industry events, speaking engagements, interviews, press inquiries, etc.);

  • Planning and execution of communication campaigns including e-mail, social / digital media, and advertising campaigns;

  • Leveraging industry research and intelligence to develop actionable tactics and targeted campaigns to support growth goals;

  • Tracking and measurement of program effectiveness and return on investment. 

About: Our Team
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